We book your tests

These days finding a driving instructor can be extremely difficult, our customers regularly tell us they have tried contacting numerous driving instructors without success.

Here at MDS Intensive School why not let our friendly team do the hard work for you!

Once you have chosen a package and paid a £99 deposit, our team will book your relevant test and then assign you a driving instructor. https://www.http://mdsintensives.co.uk//

We realise that Initially people may question the quote we have given them, but that is because they haven’t done the maths! Lets face it who likes maths ?

The average driving instructor these days are charging £30 per hour, so if you were to have 4 hours per month that is £120, now how much will you learn in that hour and how long would it take you too pass a driving test?

Well as a rule of thumb it could take 18-24 month sometimes even longer, so lets just say that best case scenario you did it in 18 months that would be £2,160 and that’s without the test fees!

However because our instructors do a minimum of 2 hours per lesson and subject to to your availability and theirs they may fit you in for 2-3 classes per week, you wouldn’t only be saving money but saving time.

Can you really wait that long too pass a driving test?

So here is just a few benefits to pre booking a package course

  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Two hour lessons so you learn more
  • You pass quicker
  • We book your tests
  • We find your instructor

But don’t take our word for it, We have lots of happy customers, take a look at what they say and choose your course today!

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